Some people are writers by chance, some by circumstance, and some by necessity. I'm a writer by birth. My history is similar to that of many innate writers—I started reading at an early age and I've been scribbling stories, essays, poetry, and journal entries ever since I was able.

Although I happily write about any subject, my specialties are health (particularly mental health, diseases, chronic conditions, and medications), security, history, agriculture, parenting, and religion.

Academic History

With a B.A. in English and a minor in history, I've written everything from newspaper and magazine articles to press releases, web content, and custom content to essays, columns, and newsletters. Several years ago, I decided to go back to school to get my master’s degree in counseling, but a year in, I ended up landing so much work with mental health content—simply because I was pursuing the degree—that I decided to pursue more health writing instead.

writing and Editing experience

I cut my teeth in the world of agriculture by writing for The Farm Forum, the leading agricultural publication in South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Soon, I found myself carving a niche in this field, writing pieces for publications such as Massey Ferguson Today, AGCO Advantage, Biomass Magazine, Farm Journal, Farm Industry News and Feed Lot Magazine.

I published my first big health and parenting piece in Parenting Magazine, which was subsequently placed on I've also written and edited for clients such as The Christian Science Monitor,, Cleveland Clinic’s Health Essentials and Consult QD blogs, AARP Media Sales, Verywell.comTWINS Magazine, Security Magazine, CSO Onlinedormakaba, MedShadow Foundation, ADT Security, Hammock, Foundations Recovery Network, The Lutheran Witness, Journal of Lutheran MissionMotherhood, and others.

I blogged for Psychology, have written essays for the secondary school English portion of the ACT Test, and I have two essays in the relationship anthology Fits, Starts & Matters of the Heart: 28 Stories of Love, Loss & Everything in Between. Before my kids demanded that I stop writing about them publicly, I blogged frequently about parenting at Parenting by Trial and Error. I also designed my blog, which I keep around for both unedited examples of my writing and sentimental reasons.

I have years of experience with content marketing through writing for companies and brands like Radisson Hotels, Menards, GreatCall, Webroot, Always, Livalo, Foundations Recovery Network, ADT Security, AARP Media Sales, MOPS International, Tribune Brand Publishing, AGCO, and Massey Ferguson. I understand the importance of improving both trust and revenue through creative, informational content and good storytelling

Along with my writing and editing business, I'm the business and advertising manager (and off and on proofreader) for LOGIA: A Journal of Lutheran Theology, a scholarly theological journal. I copyedit and proofread print and web materials as well and am familiar with a wide variety of platforms, apps, and style guides (my favorite is Chicago).

The Story Behind the name

When I was somewhere between six and seven years old, I inherited these one-piece blue-and-white-striped footie pajamas from my younger-but-taller cousin. They even had the flap in the back with two buttons. Truthfully, I looked like an old-time blue and white jailbird, but my dad started calling me "Blue Zebra" from that day on. The name got shortened to "Zeebie" and finally "Zeeb" by the time I was a teenager, but it will always be my childhood nickname, a name that brings back memories of playgrounds with twisty slides and my dad chasing me around with a can of slime; of family gatherings with my cousins and hours of swimming with my sisters; and of a time when my worst problem was my mom making me wear a dress to school once a week. 

Picture to come, as soon as I dig said pajamas out of my attic (currently a work in progress).