“Sarah and I worked together in her capacity as a freelance editor for Dotdash (specifically, the Verywell sites). In my role as senior copy chief, I reviewed and top-edited Sarah's work, which involved updating existing content to make it best-in-class in terms of its quality, value, and comprehensiveness. I always loved when I saw that she completed a piece because I knew the time spent editing it would leave me with a smile on my face. Her copy is virtually error-free, her prose is smart and tightly written, and it exhibits her strong command for health research and how best to present it. Moreover, I appreciate her partnership. She has always been very open to feedback and quick to incorporate it, and I always felt that we were working together to make an article as good as it could be. I highly recommend Sarah and look forward to working with her again.” ~ Kristin Fuerst, senior quality assurance editor, Dotdash.com

"Sarah Ludwig is at the top of my list of go-to writers. She collaborated with me on a particularly complex project and had the ability to streamline the developmental process, zero in on the core message of the content, and write text that evoked the spirit and voice of the brand. Count on Sarah if you need a writer that comes to the table with compelling ideas and exceeds your expectations on every assignment you give her. She’s a gem." ~ Andrea M. Rotondo, project manager, Ancestry.com

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah Ludwig on several writing and editing projects for Security magazine. She is a gifted writer, who has been able to successfully tackle any subject that I've given her with little guidance from me. She always met every deadline that I gave her, without fail. I have given her assignments with short turnarounds and with longer deadlines, and she has accepted those assignments wholeheartedly. She is a joy to work with, and I'm eager to assign her additional writing assignments in the near future." ~ Diane Ritchey, editor, Security Magazine

"Sarah is a great writer who worked with my company through Contently, a vendor that matches contributors with organizations to produce high quality content. I always appreciated Sarah's work and her efforts to make each article personal and informative. She delivered great pitches and conducted interviews in order to produce highly relevant content. I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking to hire a fantastic writer and researcher!" ~ Anna McKenzie, former editor, Foundations Recovery Network

"Working with Sarah is an absolute joy! She is fast but thorough, attentive to detail but quick to grasp the big picture. Her writing is crisp, alive and succinct. Her copyediting is top notch. She makes sure to understand the work and tasks presented to her, just as she is careful to do them well. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a writer, editor, or storyteller who knows her craft, completes it quickly and does so in a uniquely winsome way." ~ Adriane A. Heins, former editor at The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

"Besides being a joy to work with, Sarah takes immense pride in her work. She is able to provide creative ideas and communicate them effectively and efficiently. She has successfully developed several story ideas for Motherhood that have helped garner an increase in readership and interests." ~ Shenielle Aloysis, former editor, Motherhood

"I shared your article with some folks a few days ago and then I was at a meeting last night, and some people I didn't even know commented on how helpful your article was...great work!!" ~ Kimberly Christensen, PsyD, pediatric psychologist

"Having worked with Sarah on different projects, I can honestly say she is a joy to work with, and her standards are impeccable! She has a beautiful writing style, a way of packing articles with information in a pleasant format that is easy, if not compelling, to read. I heartily recommend her services to anyone who needs a writer/editor/layout designer." ~ Richard J. Schneider, pastor